1 Night In Paris is Still a Hit on the Web

“Well behaved women never make history.”  Paris Hilton took this quote to a whole new level by starring in a sex tape called: 1 Night in Paris.  This socialite made the home video with former boyfriend Rick Salomon.  The sex tape was not originally intended for release, even if it appears that way.  Paris thought the only release was going to be inside her.  Scandal ensued with the leak of the sex tape and everybody wanted to see the heiress get on her knees.  Literally.

The sex tape was filmed with a single stationary tripod camera that captured the couple in action using night vision.  This artsy and interesting technique for a sex tape still has everyone talking.  There are parts of the sex tape that are filmed in color, such as the ending scene in which Paris is giving Rick Salomon a blowjob.  That apathetic look that Paris has most of the time is great here, as she showcases herself in many different positions in the video— on top, on her back, and takes it from behind throughout most of the video.  Cunnilingus is part of Salomon’s repertoire in the sex tape.  Something a bit unexpected since Salomon is such a piece of work.  In the film, Salomon is groaning creepily cumming off like a dirty old man talking about Paris’s “tight pussy”, and getting shots of his giant dick.  A bit egocentric, but gives us all a bit of fantasy in dreams of being a douche with a big dick fucking blond bimbo models and trust funders.  It is apparent all of his brains are below the belt, since he can barely run his online gambling business.  What an interesting line of work — Not!  With a smart classy venture such as celebrity sex tapes, Ricky resorted to making sex tapes starring himself!  He is just a giant dick anyway.  At least he knows his strengths. 

Paris Hilton really isn’t much better, giggling throughout the sex tape making baby noises (I guess she is only 19) and moaning in a pathetic manner.  Salomon and Hilton are two peas in a pod. They are perfect for each other.  With the same intellectual pursuits as Rick, Paris dropped out of her prestigious high school and received her GED later.  No worries at least she has royalties from this video to hold her over along with the trust fund.  Who needs an education when you have a tight pussy?  Rick you get credit for that one!

Paris Hilton is sexy and that is the main reason why this sex tape is one of the most famous and best selling celebrity sex tapes of all time.  Heir to the Hilton empire we can see how she sits on the throne of cock, which makes the story much more interesting.  Check out the Paris Hilton sex tape — night vision and pussy is an excellent combination.